Swiss Personal Tax Services

Swiss Personal Tax Services

Swiss Personal Tax Services

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Filing your Swiss tax return every year may not be your favourite pastime. At TaxPro dare we say we love it?! With a combined experience of over 30 years in the industry we are here to help.

We are Geneva based and offer Swiss tax compliance services in English and/or French. Our team have previously trained with and worked in the international Big Four accounting/advisory companies and also with the Geneva Tax Administration.

Joint US and Swiss tax return filings

Our clients are from a wide range of backgrounds and many of them have US filing requirements as well. Here at TaxPro we work in tandem with various US tax return preparers in the area and can put you in touch to provide a coordinated approach to filing joint returns. Whilst we are a small firm, we pride ourselves with being able to provide dedicated resources tailored to your personal circumstances and requirements.